Edge and Daniel Bryan Rumored to Have Major Creative Influence on Raw and SmackDown

WWE is often called out for not giving enough creative freedom to the superstars, forcing the performers to go through a scripted grind with each passing week. However, things are apparently changing, as a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates that two major names are providing creative input backstage.

Edge and Daniel Bryan are considered two of the best performers to have ever stepped foot into a wrestling ring and seems like WWE is picking their brains to improve their product.

WON reported that the two stars, who were extremely passionate about the way their characters were presented on TV, have stepped into writers’ room to provide creative input on the storylines.

Edge helped out on Monday nights while Bryan joined the creative on SmackDown. Bryan has often advocated for several stars such as Mustafa Ali and Drew Gulak in the past, which explains this report about him having an influence on the shows.

“Edge on Raw and Daniel Bryan on SmackDown both have significant creative influence. The term I was given is they were part of the writing teams of the respective shows right now.”

Edge was said to be writing his own promos for his feud against Randy Orton and has helped out in certain other areas of writing as well.

WWE has often used non-wrestlers as writers, which hasn’t proved to work well. The usage of wrestlers could help WWE bounce back and provide better storylines.