Edge’s Return Could Come Sooner Than Expected, WWE RAW Posts Poor Numbers This Week

Image via WWE

The rumors of Rated R Superstar, Edge, returning to the ring have escalated in the past few weeks, and even though the Hall of Famer has vehemently denied any possible return, all signs point towards a blockbuster return at the Royal Rumble.

However, WrestleVotes is teasing a major rumor about Edge, after they posted a tweet with the opening lyrics of Edge’s iconic music. WWE had massive returns last week after several superstars like the Usos, Sheamus and John Morrison made their way back into the company after long layoffs.

The tweet could be a possible tease for a sooner-than-expected return to the ring for the former World Champion, who could make an appearance on RAW or SmackDown before the Royal Rumble.

With the big returns last week, it is clear that WWE isn’t holding back on pushing the shows like the big deal instead of keeping the surprises for the Rumble, which definitely puts a possibility of him returning on a weekly show soon.

This decision could’ve been made after poor ratings for RAW this week, which saw several segments lose a tremendous amount of viewers. According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the show started off with 2.7 million viewers for the Brock Lesnar segment but it fell down to 2.19 towards the end with the main event featuring a returning Big Show.

Only two of the total eight segments saw a rise in the viewership, while the rest merely lost viewers. AJ Styles’ match with Akira Tozawa saw a measly rise, while the main-event saw a great rise of over a hundred thousand viewers.

Almost 100k individuals decided to leave after the Lesnar segment, while 175,000 viewers changed the channel during the RAW Tag Team Championship Triple Threat.

After a three-month high last week, RAW will look to post stronger numbers heading into WrestleMania season.