Edge vs Randy Orton Was Originally Scheduled to Take Place at SummerSlam

WWE has had to make several changes to their creative decisions due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, and the latest in these series of modifications is the Edge-Randy Orton matchup.

The duo will be facing off in the “Greatest Wrestling Match” ever this Sunday after their Last Man Standing match at WrestleMania 36. According to Ringside News, this singles match was originally scheduled for Summerslam 2020.

However, Vince McMahon has changed a lot of long-term plans in the quarantine period, and the match was moved ahead of schedule. Some of the other long-term plans that McMahon dropped were the XFL and Paul Heyman as Executive Director of RAW.

The decision to use this match at Backlash was made as McMahon is quite frustrated due to not being able to create new stars. Without fans in attendance, it is impossible to get stars ‘over’, and hence, he has turned to the established names on the roster.

Orton and Edge started out this rivalry on the post-Royal Rumble episode way back in January, and could possibly have a final match on Sunday.

Orton hyped the match on his Twitter, while Edge has being joking on Twitter about the “Greatest Match” tag by terming every activity in his day-to-day life as the greatest.

The match has already been taped according to reports, and it is said to be the best possible matchup between the two superstars.