Elias Reportedly Injured, Set to Be Out of Action For Several Months

Elias suffered an ‘injury’ two weeks ago on SmackDown after he was presumably hit by a drunk Jeff Hardy. Elias was taken out of the arena in an ambulance, as the announcers talked about the seriousness of the injury.

This injury was initially believed to be in kayfabe, but Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com has confirmed that the Drifter has actually sustained an injury in real life.

The hit-and-run segment ended with Elias suffering torn pectoral muscle injury, and it is actually a real incident which will be keeping Elias out of action for a few months at least.

Elias was scheduled to face AJ Styles in the semi-finals of the Intercontinental Championship tournament, but this segment was used to write him off WWE programming for the foreseeable future.

Elias defeated King Corbin in the first round and could have suffered the injury during this match. It could also be a case of an injury suffered earlier, and WWE waiting for the perfect time to write him off the storyline.

The hit-and-run incident helped to further the Jeff Hardy-Sheamus feud, as Hardy was originally suspected to be the attacker, while eyewitnesses confirmed that it was the Irish star who took Elias out of action.

There is no timeline for Elias’ return, but his luck with injuries hasn’t been great this past year. Elias also suffered an injury during the King of the Ring tournament, which kept him out of action for two months.