Eric Bischoff Reportedly Did “Zero Good Things” As Executive Director Of SmackDown, Made Employees Want To Quit WWE

The WWE Universe had high hopes for Uncle E

Image via Twitter

Bruce Prichard has officially replaced Eric Bischoff as the new Executive Director of SmackDown after Uncle E proved to be largely incapable of his new WWE role.

In June, WWE appointed Bischoff as the head of The Blue Show and Vince McMahon made the decision to bring him back “home”. There was a lot of hype surrounding Eric’s return to WWE and fans were expectant of a fresh show under his leadership. However, in just 4 months, the 64-year-old icon proved why he’s not the perfect man for the role – it turns out that he and he alone is to be blamed for his firing.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez reported that Bischoff didn’t put in the slightest effort backstage, neither did he get his basics right. Matter of fact, Uncle E didn’t even know the Superstars and had a (bad) habit of leaving early.

“I heard that he just didn’t know anybody. He didn’t know any of the talent. He didn’t go out of his way to learn about anything. He would leave and nobody could get ahold of him. I heard zero, zero good things about Eric Bischoff when he was doing whatever he was doing, I don’t even know what he was doing.”

Bischoff was very public and enthusiastic about his new WWE role, describing the same as “the biggest opportunity he’s ever had in the industry.” However, he just couldn’t make things work and was too reluctant to be on the learning curve. WWE had to show him the door sooner than later.

Furthermore, Bischoff’s backstage influence made employees working under him want to quit WWE.

“He was doing some stuff and honest to God when I asked I don’t even know what he was doing, but I know he was doing enough that nobody liked working under him.”

“I heard of people that wanted to quit who were working under him.”

Hopefully, SmackDown can turn things around under Prichard’s leadership.