Eric Bischoff Reportedly Not Involved In Creative Process For This Week’s SmackDown Live

Eric Bischoff was given the job as Executive Director of SmackDown Live a few weeks ago at the same time that Paul Heyman was given the job over on Monday Night Raw.

There have been slight improvements on both Raw and SmackDown over the past few weeks which were thought to have been because of the switch in creative, but Bischoff and Heyman weren’t actually scheduled to take over until this week.

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According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Eric Bischoff wasn’t part of the creative process last night on SmackDown Live. The former General Manager wasn’t even backstage last night in Worchester, MA or part of any of the creative meetings heading into this week’s show which means that despite SmackDown Live showing signs of improvement this week, it wasn’t because of new leadership backstage.

It is unknown what this means for his job on the creative team moving forward since Paul Heyman was obviously present on Monday Night Raw alongside Brock Lesnar and then part of the creative process backstage with Vince McMahon.

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There is another contradicting report from SI‘s Justin Barrasso, who broke the original Heyman/Bischoff story before the press release. According to Barrasso, it was Bischoff’s first day at the office as the Executive Director. However, his involvement in the creative process is still unknown.

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WWE is pushing Monday Night Raw for their ratings forward recently and next week presents The Raw Reunion show which the USA Network reportedly pitched in order to improve ratings. SmackDown moves over to FOX in October and the ratings will become an issue for the company then since FOX will want to keep WWE as a top tier product throughout their time on the Network.

Bischoff could have asked for more time to become familiar with the product before he takes over completely, but for right now it is unknown as to when he will take charge of the creative process and the changes on SmackDown Live will become much more noticeable.