Finn Balor’s Demon King Persona May Never Appear in WWE Again

Finn Balor last reprised his Demon King persona to beat Andrade in an Intercontinental Championship match at WWE Super ShowDown (2019). The WWE Universe hasn’t gotten any glimpse of Balor’s alter-ego since then and it remains as a top attraction, perhaps second to Bray Wyatt’s “The Fiend” gimmick.

According to Tom Colohue, WWE has no plans to bring The Demon King back ever again. Of course, the choice remains with Balor to switch to his alter-ego whenever he feels like, but there’s absolutely nothing for the said persona at the moment.

“There are no plans to ever see the Demon King again in the WWE. No plans at all to have it in NXT. Finn Balor doesn’t want the Demon King. He felt it was a bad thing to have on the main roster when he got there. So he is rebuilding himself a little bit.”

Over the years, The Demon King has almost become a mainstay for SummerSlam.

 “There may be times when he may choose to go back to the Demon King but that’s being left up to him. But at the moment, no plans for Demon King.”

Balor’s current NXT gimmick is actually a mixture of his Prince and Demon King personas, and this leaves little room for the inaugural Universal Champion to reprise his spooky character in the foreseeable future.