Former Champion Melina Set to Make a Return to WWE

WWE is set to bring back former champion Melina to the roster quite soon, according to the latest scoop from PWInsider. Melina has agreed on terms for a deal with the company and will be returning as soon as next week.

It is unclear whether Melina will appear on RAW or SmackDown, but all signs point towards a full-time return for the highly talented star from the Ruthless Aggression Era.

Melina signed with WWE in 2004 and had a long run which culminated in 2011. The 41-year old has appeared on various promotions since then, and most recently was part of Billy Corgan’s National Wrestling Alliance.

Melina won the Women’s Championship on three different occasions while also holding the Divas Championship twice.

Melina returned during the RAW Reunion in July 2019 along with several other stars. WWE reached out to her for a possible appearance at the Royal Rumble earlier this year, but her deal with NWA prevented the move.

WWE has been teasing a new star on SmackDown for the past few weeks, which is supposedly Carmella. However, the company could land a major swerve and debut Melina instead.