Former NFL Athlete To Join RAW Commentary Team

A commentary shakeup is expected following the upcoming WWE draft

Image via WWE

WWE is reportedly set for a massive commentary shakeup following the upcoming WWE draft, and it seems like the RAW team will get a massive revamp. Renee Young is the front-runner for hosting the new WWE show on FS1, which starts in October.

Young will leave the commentary team quite soon, and Cole is rumored to feature in a move to SmackDown, where he started his career in commentary.

This will leave RAW with just Corey Graves, and it seems like he is going to be replaced with two new guys. According to WrestleVotes, the RAW commentary team will soon feature Vic Joseph and Dio Maddin.

It is unclear what is the future for Graves. He is currently the commentator for RAW and SmackDown, and could become exclusive to SDL going forward.

Vic Joseph has been the lead commentator for 205 Live on Tuesday nights for quite some time now, while Dio Maddin, formerly known as Brennan Williams in WWE, recently joined commentary on 205 Live.

Brennan Williams played in the National Football League for two seasons, lining up as tackler for Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars in the two seasons.

Williams joined WWE three years ago and made his debut in a Battle Royal on NXT. His name was changed to Dio Maddin a few months ago. Nigel McGuinness’ position on 205 Live was taken over by Maddin last week.

Vic Joseph has led the RAW show on a previous occasion, and received great praise for his performance. It seems like he is being rewarded with a full-time role on the longest-running episodic show on TV currently.

This shake-up will be a refreshing change of things on the red brand, as fans have been tired of Michael Cole for quite some time now. Dio Maddin’s wrestling career seems to be over, as WWE has already identified him for a role elsewhere. Hopefully, his shtick works out well for him, WWE and the fans.