Former NXT Champion Set for Sensational Return

Bo Dallas hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in over a year, and it’s believed that creative had nothing for Dallas after the release of his tag team partner Curtis Axel back in April.

The former NXT Champion stated that he was taking a hiatus back in December, but last night on NXT a mysterious promo played which hinted that a former Champion could be making their return to the brand to put things right.

“I’m not sure what happened. I helped create something out of my own blood. Years and years of dedication — only to be taken over by paper champions. These NXT championships have been in isolation for far too long. Now I’ve come back to take what is mine.”

Finn Balor has recently made his return to NXT and is the reigning Champion and it appears that Dallas could have been repackaged and ready to return to the place where he had his most successful run.

There have been a number of rumors circulating online, but it’s believed to be a former NXT star making their return which leaves just Bo Dallas and Bobby Roode as the current options since both men are on WWE hiatus at present.