Frankie Kazarian Reportedly Went Off-Script To Attack MJF On AEW Dynamite

Image via AEW

Cody Rhodes was on the receiving end of ten lethal whiplashes at the hands of MJF during the final segment of AEW Dynamite last week. The Salt of The Earth delivered a low blow to The American Nightmare and escaped with Wardlow only to have a “fan” attack him during the closing moments.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez revealed that it wasn’t just any random guy from the audience; rather it was Frankie Kazarian who had gone off-script to jump MJF. Things didn’t work out well for Kazarian as he was easily overpowered by MJF and Wardlow.

“It was Kazarian. Yes, it was Kazarian. I don’t know all of the details about what happened, but my understanding is that it wasn’t even planned. I guess Kazarian figured that it makes no logical sense for no one to be going after MJF so he went after him and that’s how the show went off the air. I guess nobody recognized him because you only saw the back of his head, but that was Kazarian.”

Kazarian going off-script to further enhance the legitimacy of the already intense segment just proves the extent of creative control the talents enjoy in AEW.