Future On-Screen Plans For Charlotte Flair and Andrade Revealed?

Image via WWE

The Queen Charlotte Flair and United States Champion Andrade have been together for more than a year off-screen and recently decided to celebrate the new year in style by announcing their engagement. Initially, the couple was very private about their relationship but in recent months they have decided to show off publicly on all of their social media platforms.

Following the announcement yesterday the couple showed off images of Charlotte’s ring on both Instagram and Twitter before fans began to speculate if this meant that they could be looking at WWE’s next big power couple after RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and former Universal Champion Seth Rollins dominated 2019.

Andrade and Charlotte are both part of WWE’s flagship show, but as of yet, they haven’t been able to work together on WWE TV, even though it’s become clear that the public is aware that they are in a relationship off-screen.

Interestingly, it appears that this won’t be the case since according to a report by CageSideSeats, there are currently no plans for Charlotte and Andrade to be paired together on WWE TV.

“Although news of their engagement has gotten around, there are apparently no plans for Charlotte Flair and Andrade to be paired together anytime soon on WWE television.”

Andrade is currently working alongside Zelina Vega as his business associate, despite the fact that she is married to Aleister Black in real life, while Charlotte seems to continue to dominate the Women’s Division.

Right now the couple is able to travel and spend time together since they are both part of Monday Night RAW, which is more than Nikki Cross and Killian Dain have been granted. Perhaps in time, WWE will change their mind and allow the couple to bring their real-life romance into their programming as well.