Heath Slater Rumored to Appear on Raw This Week

Long-term WWE superstar Heath Slater was released off his duties during a company-wide mass-release three months ago and he is currently away from wrestling due to his non-compete clause. Slater, along with several other released superstars, has been teasing big things in the upcoming months.

Slater has bulked up during his time away from the Squared Circle, and would easily fit into any of the promotions such as AEW or Impact Wrestling.

In a major twist, PWInsider is reporting that Slater is scheduled to appear on RAW this week. Slater is still technically with the company, and it will be interesting to see what the former Tag Team Champion does in his first appearance in several months.

“Slater is still technically under WWE contract as he’s within the 90 day window and would be free and clear to wrestle elsewhere around 7/18, unless Miller and WWE agree to terms on a return.”

Drake Maverick found himself a contract after being released, and if WWE plans to do the same with Slater, it will make interesting television.

Slater could possibly bring back his Free Agent gimmick from 2016, which made him one of the hottest stars in the company, culminating in him and Rhyno winning the inaugural SmackDown Tag Team Championships.