How Did Triple H React To Britt Baker’s Appearance During NXT Takeover: WarGames?

Last weekend was filled with epic moments in WWE programming, including two extremely solid PPVs back-to-back on the weekend. NXT Takeover: WarGames was met with rave reviews from all over the industry, for the comparatively short-yet-intriguing PPV.

The ending in the Men’s War Games Match saw Tommaso Ciampa drag Adam Cole down with him from top of the cage, onto two tables stationed below. Ciampa landed on Cole and pinned him to win the matchup, and the camera immediately cut to the shocked fans in the crowd.

One of those faces in the audience seemed familiar, and it was none other than Cole’s better half and current AEW superstar Britt Baker. NXT lead commentator Mauro Ranallo called her out by name, and it was extremely surprising to see WWE acknowledge a rival show’s talent.

Image via Twitter

Fightful Select reports that there was a new director for the show, and this could’ve been the reason behind the camera panning to the ‘doctor’. It was reported that Triple H immediately rushed to take her off the camera once he saw it, and the whole thing wasn’t preplanned.

“We’ve heard from several people familiar with the situation surrounding Britt Baker appearing on screen on NXT Takeover, that it played out almost exactly as Triple H stated. A director cut to Baker, and Triple H rushed them to get her off screen. We’re told this director was not the same one that has worked most NXT Takeover shows”

Britt Baker has attended several NXT shows in the past, and will undoubtedly continue to do so in the future. But this incident will surely lead to a ban on the commentary team mentioning her name ever again.

WWE has often shown a strict policy towards the ban of AEW related merchandise or posters in their shows, and thus an AEW superstar being referenced again will be a major surprise.