How Did Vince McMahon React To King Corbin’s Parody Of Roman Reigns?

The segment didn't go down well with the WWE Universe


Baron Corbin opened this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown by making fun of Roman Reigns and then bringing out a person dressed up as a dog. The segment didn’t go down well with the WWE Universe, who thought that it was somewhat cheesy, but the negativity from the crowd only further got King Corbin over as a heel.

It was an interesting way to kick off the show and it was quite obvious that Vince McMahon was the one behind it, but was it performed the way that McMahon expected? According to a report by, McMahon thinks that Corbin has shown some signs of improvement in recent weeks and is currently enjoying what he’s doing.

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“Remember, the writers are trying to make Vince happy. If he’s happy then it means that jobs are safe. Vince has always been a fan of segments that parody his wrestlers. As long as Vince is around, you will always see segments like that one.”

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Not only is Corbin set to be one of the biggest focus of this year’s Survivor Series, but King Corbin is also set to be one of the headline acts at TLC next month when he’s rumored to be taking on Roman Reigns in a “dog collar” match.

The fact that the WWE Chairman is putting so much effort into getting Corbin over as a heel means that he is invested in what he is doing on WWE TV so it’s obvious that The King has the backing of the most powerful man in WWE.

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One lingering question from this week’s episode of SmackDown is, who was in the dog costume. It would have been interesting if Roman Reigns was the one to jump out and attack Corbin last night, but the identity of the dog wasn’t actually revealed, which means that he could be seen again in the build-up to Survivor Series and his identity could be a huge part of the storyline between the two men.

Currently, Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin are part of the same team at Survivor Series as SmackDown takes on both Raw and NXT in the traditional Survivor Series elimination match, but don’t expect the two men to co-exist, since they are rumored to be having a showdown of their own before the festive season begins.