Identity of the Superstar Who Played Gobbledy Gooker at Survivor Series Revealed

The Undertaker wasn’t the only superstar to debut thirty years ago at Survivor Series. Gobbledy Gooker was also someone who made its wrestling debut after being hatched out of an egg.

This character was played by Hector Guerrero and suffered legitimate heat from the fans who were disappointed by the reveal after weeks of teasing.

This year’s Survivor Series was a tribute to The Undertaker who debuted at the show in 1990. Many wrestlers paid homage to The Deadman and R-Truth was one of them, except that he botched it.

He showed a “Phenom” tribute clip where instead of The Undertaker, Gobbledy Gooker was displayed. Then, Gooker pinned R-Truth for the 24/7 Championship before losing it to Akira Tozawa who baited him.

In the end, it was Truth who won his title back and became the first-ever wrestler to win the 24/7 Championship for the 45th time.

PWInsider recently revealed the identity of Gobbledy Gooker and they reported that Drew Gulak played the character at Survivor Series.

It isn’t the first time Gooker appeared on WWE Television after 1990, the character made a few appearances until the company didn’t use it anymore.