Interesting Idea for The New Day Reportedly Rejected By WWE

The New Day have seemingly gone their separate ways on WWE TV for the time being, since Xavier Woods is injured, Kofi Kingston is taking some time off and Big E is all alone on SmackDown.

The three men have the ability to all be successful singles stars and when they are back to full fitness it will be an interesting dynamic since Big E and Kingston have moved forward without Woods.

Interestingly, WestleVotes recently shared a rejected idea for The New Day upon their return that would have seen Kingston drafted to Raw, Big E remain on SmackDown, and Woods then be allowed to move over to both shows as the manager for either star.

The idea would mean that all three stars remain as part of The New Day, just on separate brands.

This would have been entertaining to watch and the fact that WWE rejected it must mean that there is something much bigger and better just around the corner for the former Tag Team Champions.

Xavier Woods suffered a torn ACL back in 2019 which has kept him sidelined for almost a year, while Kingston opted to take some time away from the company recently. At present, there is no timetable for their return.