Io Shirai Reportedly Suffers Minor Injury After an Interesting Spot at NXT WarGames

Io Shirai is known as the Genius of the Sky, and she certainly proved why she is called so during the WarGames match.

She put a trash can over her head and jumped from the top of the cage, onto the pile of stars below. However, this caused a minor injury to the NXT Women’s Champion.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Shirai suffered a minor injury, but she should be fine in the long run.

“Io Shirai was mildly injured, but apparently she’ll be fine after being squashed in a garbage can.”

Several other stars were also injured during the event, with Candice LeRae and Johhny Gargano celebrating their respective victories in the Emergency Room.

LeRae’s team defeated Shirai and co. during the opening match of Takeover WarGames, while Gargano defeated Leon Ruff and Damien Priest to capture his third North American title on NXT.