Jeff Hardy’s New WWE Contract is Reportedly Not Long-Term

Jeff Hardy signed a new contract with WWE recently, which was confirmed by the current Intercontinental Champion in an interview recently.

The younger Hardy brother’s contract length is not the standard five-year deal, as reported by PWInsider.

Hardy’s new deal is two or three years long, which is similar to his previous deal he signed in 2017.

Matt and Jeff signed three-year deals after returning to WWE at WrestleMania 33, but Hardy’s time out due to injury forced the company to add a few extra months to his contract.

“We have been told by multiple sources that the new contract, including that was added to Hardy’s previous contract due to injury-related inactivity, is closer to 2-3 years total in length.”

Hardy mentioned in his interview that the new contract had an interesting clause in it. Hardy made sure he got his ‘No More Words’ theme back, which was a term included in the contract signing.