John Cena Reportedly Not Competing At WrestleMania 36, Rey Mysterio To Retire?

Image via WWE

John Cena didn’t compete at a single WWE pay-per-view in 2018; he returned as the Doctor Of Thuganomics (in non-wrestling capacity) at WrestleMania 35 – the only PPV to feature him last year.

Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue reports that Cena isn’t expected to wrestle at the Show Of Shows in April.

“We are not expecting to see him at this year’s WrestleMania. He’s currently filming with DC for the new Suicide Squad. He’s not expected to be back. He may make a late appearance but he’s not expected to be wrestling. Much similar to last year, we may see John Cena again, but it’s more likely to be later in the year when he’s finished filming and he believes he is necessary.“

It appears that The Champ could soon drop his part-time status for a more appropriate “one-off” stature in WWE.

“There is some discussion as to how much John Cena will be involved in the future. It looks like his full-time schedule is very much done. It looks like his part-time schedule is very much done and he will be approaching closer to a ‘non-contract’ contract where he appears for one-off paydays, one-off big shows.”

Rey Mysterio was unmasked by Andrade this week on RAW which fans believe to be a potential tease towards the veteran’s imminent retirement from the sport.

Sportskeeda reports that Mr. 619 could bid farewell to the sport at The Grandest Stage Of Them All.

“The finish with the mask is very telling because as we know masks are very important in that culture but as part of wrestling, you always go out on your back and masks being taken off is certainly a way to do that. So this could be leading towards that but it’s also sure that Rey Mysterio is wrapping up. I don’t think we are far off seeing a retirement angle coming to play.“

Mysterio previously expressed his desire to wrestle alongside his son Dominick after which he wishes to retire peacefully.

“I’m starting to hear that WrestleMania may be his last hurrah but I think he definitely wants to see Dominick wrestle either alongside him or be in his corner for a match before he goes.”