Jordan Myles Has Angered Several People In WWE, Reason Why Kabuki Warriors Turned Heel On Paige

Image via WWE

Jordan Myles‘ #ForTheCulture movement gained huge momentum within a short period but a large number of fans have turned against him due to his over-the-top comments about fellow black wrestlers, namely, Kofi Kingston and Jay Lethal (whom he called Uncle Tom).

Myles sparked the online movement owing to the distasteful “racist” t-shirt design resembling blackface that WWE had made for his merchandise collection. The t-shirt was pulled from WWE Shop and the billion-dollar company issued a statement highlighting that not a single piece was sold.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Myles’ words and actions have angered several people in WWE.

“He certainly hasn’t shown himself in a great light with what he said about Jay Lethal. I don’t know, if he had played his cards better, I mean there’s a lot of people in WWE who are very angry at him right now and understandably so.”

Myles’s WWE career could be in serious jeopardy with reports of Vince McMahon considering terminating his contract.

Meanwhile, 2-time former Divas Champion and retired professional wrestler Paige was fired from her managerial role this week on Monday Night RAW. Paige used to manage Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) but that changed when The Empress spew green mist on her face this week.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed the possible reason behind Paige’s shock firing on RAW.

“It may have just been a way to try and get them heel heat because everyone is cheering them at the house shows and they turned. I mean even in Australia they cheered them against the IIconics who are the local women, but they’ve been cheered at every house show.”

“So they needed to do something because they need to be heels even though there are probably few people in the entire company who are better suited to be a babyface than Kairi Sane.”