Jordan Omogbehin’s “Unimpressive” In-Ring Skills Reportedly a Huge Concern for WWE

Jordan Omogbehin was introduced as the bodyguard of AJ Styles this week on Monday Night RAW.

The 7’3″ Superstar previously played the roles of Big Ninja and RAW Underground bouncer, but his latest repackaged character could potentially lead to him showing off his in-ring prowess.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that while Omogbehin’s tall stature makes him an instant favorite in the eyes of Vince McMahon, his unimpressive wrestling skills make him a poor in-ring worker – a major concern regarding his future in the company.

“I mean he is probably, let me think about this, I would say with the exception of Giant Gonzalez, and Giant Silva, Giant Silva right? I would say he’s probably about the tallest guy, modern, that there has been in the last like 40 years. I know Max Palmer was reputed to be, I mean they used to bill him as 8 foot 2, and I’ve heard people say he was really 7’6″. But aside from that, this guy is the tallest guy that I think we’ve ever had in wrestling and I mean, he is really impressive looking in the sense of, it’s like he is not fat or nothing. He’s just a big giant guy.”

“I know that, from what I have heard from people who have watched him is that he is not that impressive when you watch him wrestle. So it’s a tricky thing. Because it’s exactly like, you can do this for a while but then where do you go because these roles usually transition to the ring and he is just, for whatever reason, he is very slow, from what I was told.”

“It’s like it’s really impressive him standing there but in the matches that he has done when he was in NXT, it was not like Andre The Giant, where he goes in there, and everything he does gets over. They try to have him do big man spots, but people don’t really go for it that much.”