Kairi Sane Could Be Quitting WWE, Update On Rusev & Asuka’s Status

Image via WWE

2019 has been a year full of Superstar releases and release requests for WWE and the list continues to grow as more talents consider quitting the promotion to explore other suitable options. Oney Lorcan recently requested his release but WWE has reportedly turned him down. With AEW providing lucrative contracts and a less stressful road schedule, it’s a viable option for Superstars to leave WWE for good.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Kairi Sane‘s contract expires early next year and she could be leaving the billion-dollar promotion already.

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Kairi Sane, I could definitely see her leaving. I don’t know that she’s gonna leave, but she’s definitely expressed interest in exploring other options.”

Meanwhile, Sane’s tag team partner Asuka seems happy with her current position and is reportedly staying put.

“I’ve heard no rumblings whatsoever of Asuka leaving — I’m under the impression she’s very happy in this country.”

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The Kabuki Warriors are the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions but that could soon change if Sane decides to leave WWE once her contract is up in early 2020. WWE has a long history of burying Superstars on their way out and Sane’s story wouldn’t be any different.

However, Brad Shepard’s latest report contradicts Meltzer’s theory.

On the other hand, Rusev‘s recent tweet has caused fans to speculate over his future in Vince McMahon‘s promotion. The Bulgarian Brute is currently enjoying a steamy feud with Lana and Bobby Lashley, but that doesn’t mean he has extended his stay in WWE.

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There’s every possibility of Rusev trolling fans with this tweet but let’s not forget that he had expressed his dissatisfaction with the creative and teased leaving WWE earlier this year.

Only time will reveal what lies in store for Sane, Asuka, and Rusev. The Empress is the only Superstar to have reached her full potential in WWE while the other two are still struggling for that big break.