Kairi Sane Not Expected to Head Over to AEW Following WWE Departure

Kairi Sane was attacked on Monday Night Raw by Bayley after The Japanese star was able to pick up a victory over the SmackDown Women’s Champion last week in what was her final match for WWE. The backstage distraction allowed Sasha Banks to become Raw Women’s Champion when it forced Asuka to leave the ring area and lose her match via count-out.

This beat down was officially Kairi Sane’s exit from WWE since the former NXT Women’s Champion has now headed back to her native country after making it clear to the company that this was her plan when her contract expired.

According to a report by Fightful, the beat down at the hands of Bayley was always the plan for Sane and that while the company tried to keep Sane signed she made it clear that she wanted to leave.

“In another update on Kairi Sane, we’re told that even though rumors of her departure have been swirling for months, this was the original end date for her. As mentioned, WWE wanted to keep her on board in some capacity, but Kairi let it be known months ago that she wanted to return to Japan to be with her husband. We’re told there were no concerns of her wrestling elsewhere in America, but that there were big pushes to have her involved from a coaching or teaching aspect in Japan.”

Sane is a talented wrestler and showed this throughout her time in NXT since it could be argued that the star was wasted on the main roster.

There have been many rumors online that Sane could be headed to AEW since there are a number of Japanese wrestlers employed by the company, but it appears that Sane only has one destination on her mind and whilst she could wrestle in Japan, she isn’t expected to return to the United States.