Kairi Sane Reportedly Accepts Blame For Injury Caused By Nia Jax on Raw

During the RAW tapings last week, Kairi Sane suffered a bloody injury during her match against Nia Jax. The Facebreaker launched The Pirate Princess headfirst into the steel steps and bust open the Japanese star.

Since the match was taped in advance, the injury spot was edited out by WWE before it was aired on RAW this past Monday.

This isn’t the first time that Jax has injured Sane in singles action. Jax’s botched turnbuckle powerbomb on Sane had concussed the former NXT Champion in April which led to WWE banning the dangerous move a couple of days ago.

However, it appears that Sane’s humble character and love for her co-workers have caused her to speak up backstage.

According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda.com, The Pirate Princess has taken responsibility for the injury spot despite the fact that some people in the company are legitimately upset with The Irresistible Force. The Japanese Superstar has a history of accepting blame because of her humble nature.

“Last I heard, the WWE aren’t viewing this as anything but an accident. There are some people upset in the locker room; however, the WWE management are still quite even here. Kairi Sane accepted culpability, but to be honest, she has a history of accepting blame, whether it’s her fault or not. She is very humble. To my knowledge, there were discussions backstage where Kairi Sane did say, ‘No, it was me.’ However, what happens next? We’ll have to see.”

While WWE officials consider the spot to be an accident, an anonymous person backstage reportedly wants Jax to be fired at the earliest.

Jax’s history of injuring and concussing her opponents has already attracted major heat and she is currently facing huge fan backlash for her racially offensive promo on RAW even though it was scripted.

The latest injury spot and the controversial joke have further worsened Nia’s tainted reputation in the company.