Kairi Sane Reportedly Having Difficulty Getting Approval From WWE to Appear at Stardom

Japanese wrestler Kairi Sane wants to appear during the Stardom anniversary, but she is reportedly being blocked by WWE.

Sane is no longer wrestling for WWE though she remains under contract. Sane has stated that she was going to be an “ambassador” to Japan for WWE.

Sane signed with WWE in 2017 as a participant and the winner of the first Mae Young Classic. She held the NXT Women’s Championship and the WWE Women’s Tag Team championship before going back to Japan.

Before signing with WWE, however, she was a mainstay of the Japanese women’s promotion Stardom. She had her wrestling debut for the company back in 2012 and was a World of Stardom Champion, a three-time Goddess of Stardom Champion, and a four-time Artist of Stardom Champion.

Sane, who moved back to Japan to join her husband last year, reportedly has been seeking approval to appear at Stardom’s 10th-anniversary show.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Sane recently had a meeting at WWE’s Japanese office where she sought permission to appear at the Stardom anniversary. The meeting, however, “didn’t go anywhere”.

Stardom’s 10th anniversary is set for March 3, 2021, at the Budokan Hall. The promotion is looking to bring back stars from the past, of which Sane is one, to the show.