Kenny Omega Not Heading to NJPW

Kenny Omega recently turned up on Dynamite wearing the Bullet Club merchandise, which fuelled rumors of a potential appearance in NJPW for the Cleaner.

NJPW owns the trademarks to Bullet Club, which resulted in a huge surprise when Omega turned up with BC t-shirt on an Impact show.

Dave Meltzer talked about Omega and NJPW, and said that the BC merch was just one-off, as Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows had some merch lying around and asked Omega to wear it. It was in no way a reference to Omega’s potential future.

“There was a lot of talk after since Omega came out wearing a Bullet Club shirt, and given New Japan owns that trademark, his wearing would be a sign he’s going back to New Japan. Actually there’s no such thing. There was no message to it at all. Anderson & Gallows had a shirt and thought it would get people talking if he wore it, so he did.”

Omega’s friends, Good Brothers, and Young Bucks will be teaming up next week to take on The Dark Order on Dynamite.