Kevin Owens’ Outrage Led to Vince McMahon Making Masks Compulsory

WWE recently made masks compulsory during their tapings, after months of working the events in a global pandemic without following mandatory guidelines. The move reportedly came after an anonymous WWE Raw employee complained to Vince McMahon, who acknowledged his case and put out appropriate guidelines.

The identity of the superstar was revealed after John Pollock of POST Wrestling reported about a French podcast, which named Kevin Owens as the anonymous superstar.

Pat Laprade spoke about WWE’s recent policy changes on Les anti-pods de la Lutte, and mentioned that Owens’ complaints on the July 3rd tapings led to the change.

After Owens voiced his concerns, McMahon asked Owens for his input on the matter. Owens advised putting fines on non-compliance, which led to McMahon implementing the rule. Owens apparently gave his own example, as he was fined during a SmackDown episode for swearing.

After McMahon implemented the rule leading to the personnel backstage maintaining social distancing and wearing marks, Owens decided to stay for the tapings. Owens had missed a few weeks of tapings due to the COVID-19 situation, after the outbreak at the Performance Center.

Owens’ good friend Sami Zayn hasn’t appeared since WrestleMania, choosing to stay at home in lieu of the current situation.

Kevin Owens appeared on RAW this week in a segment with Seth Rollins, leading to a tag-match with Rollins and Murphy alongside Rey Mysterio.

WWE is charging a fine of $500 to everyone who is seen without a mask, while the second offence will result in a $1,000 fine.