Kevin Owens Reportedly Working Without A Script On SmackDown Live

WWE has high hopes for this current push for Owens

Kevin Owens
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Kevin Owens may have stepped out of the WWE Championship picture following his recent loss to Kofi Kingston, but WWE has found a way to keep Owens relevant, by sending him back after Shane McMahon, someone who he had an unforgettable feud with a few years ago.

In recent weeks, Owens has popped up a number of times and hit a stunner on Shane McMahon since The Best In The World has opted to remove Owens from the building and last week he thought it was a good idea to give him a night off.

Owens is now being pushed as a huge babyface on SmackDown Live, something that the company planned before he was forced to turn heel on Kofi Kingston ahead of WrestleMania 35, which was mainly because there were no other heels who could take that position heading into the biggest show of the year.

According to a report by Sports Illustrated, Kevin Owens is currently working without a script on live TV while he goes through this drastic character change, which allows him to add much of his own work. Owens is instead handed bullet points by the company’s creative team and he is then allowed to take the role forward from there.

It is also reported that this current feud will lead to a match between Owens and McMahon at SummerSlam and that Owens could make “short work” of The Best In The World as a way to push Owens further forward.

WWE has high hopes for this current push for Kevin Owens, which is why he was given The Stunner to being with in the hopes that it would help get him over with the WWE Universe. So far Owens has found a way to get back at Shane over the past two weeks, but will the tides change for the former Universal Champion heading into SummerSlam?