Kevin Owens Says He Hasn’t Recovered From Royal Rumble Botch

Royal Rumble pay-per-view wasn’t the kind of night Kevin Owens had dreamed of. The wrestler came really close to defeating The Big Dog during the Last Man Standing match.

Paul Heyman’s embarrassing botch at the show cost Owens the Universal Championship match. Heyman couldn’t unlock the handcuff on time and it seemed like Owens could win. However, the referee didn’t continue his count and in the end, Reigns prevailed.

Speaking to Jake Asman, The Prizefighter said that he hasn’t been able to recover from the Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

”He went a different route and tried to throw me off high things and hit me with vehicles. Different strategies. Towards the end, I turned his own trick on him. He brought handcuffs, I handcuffed him to something and I thought I had him, I really did have him.”

“Some screw-ups from the referees and here I am, sitting in my car without the Universal Championship. It goes to show, no matter how prepared you are for a match in WWE, you never know how it’s going to go.”

Owens and Reigns are expected to continue their rivalry until Elimination Chamber before WWE decides the new challenger for The Tribal Chief’s title.