Kevin Owens Skips Raw Taping After WWE Employee Tests Positive For COVID-19

This past Wednesday, WWE taped next week’s RAW and SmackDown. Kevin Owens, however, decided to skip the tapings due to the fear of working in an environment where he might contract the novel coronavirus.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained the reason behind Owen’s absence from yesterday’s RAW tapings. His wife Karina Steen’s grandfather recently passed away from COVID-19. As such, his family was concerned and KO decided to stay home.

“Kevin Owens will not be on this coming RAW because he opted not to stay — he lives in the area, but he decided not to come.”

“They were told that if you don’t want to come you don’t have to come and his wife’s grandfather just passed away from COVID like within the past couple of weeks so the family was concerned obviously with him working with someone who might have COVID in the building.”

“My impression is that he will come back on the 29th so I think he’s just going to miss one week.”

It is to be noted that a developmental talent recently tested positive for the coronavirus and WWE immediately conducted widespread testing of everyone present on-site.