Kevin Owens to Be Roman Reigns’ Next Opponent

As we reported earlier, Daniel Bryan vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Title has been moved from TLC 2020 to Royal Rumble 2021.

The news of Bryan vs. Reigns being moved to next year means that there has yet to be a Universal Championship match announced for TLC.

However, RingsideNews is reporting that Reigns’ challenger for the event has already been decided and the seeds for the match were planted on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

According to RingsideNews, it has been decided that it will be Kevin Owens who will be Reigns’ next challenger for the Universal Championship. The program between the two will cumulate in a match during TLC while WWE holds off on the Bryan vs. Reigns program.

Owens has been critical of Reigns’ title reign, though he’s mostly been working with Reigns’ cousin Jey Uso. Owens has been questioning Jey’s recent actions seeking to prove himself to Reigns as deserving “a place at the table”. Reigns himself has mentioned that Owens’ questioning of Jey is “disrespectful.”

During this week’s episode of SmackDown, Owens ran into Reigns and questioned his treatment of his “family”.

This segment is allegedly going to fuel more bad blood between Owens and Reigns in the lead up to TLC which will see the two clashing over the Universal Championship.