Kevin Owens To Retire Shane McMahon At SummerSlam?

Kevin Owens won’t be part of Extreme Rules this weekend since he’s now out of the WWE Championship picture and has decided to pick a fight with Shane McMahon.

It was believed up until this week that Owens would continue to feud with Dolph Ziggler moving into The Biggest Party of the Summer, but his reaction after being ejected from SmackDown Live on Tuesday night said otherwise.

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Various recent reports have suggested that Owens has been brought into a feud with Shane McMahon as a way to write The Best In The World off WWE TV since there are many stars backstage who feel that McMahon is taking up spots on both main roster shows that could be reserved for much younger talent.

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Despite this, The Wrestling Observer newsletter discussed the fact that Kevin Owens could face off against Shane McMahon at this year’s SummerSlam because of the timing of this feud, which would be slightly hypocritical since the point of their feud is because McMahon is being booked in big matches.

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The only way that this would work is if there was a stipulation added to the match that would see McMahon forced to leave WWE or at least forced to step backstage and continue running the company off-screen.

McMahon has his hands full this weekend at Extreme Rules when he teams with Drew McIntyre to take on Roman Reigns and The Undertaker in a match that could see Kevin Owens appear once again and send another message to his boss.

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The WWE Universe isn’t happy about the fact that WWE has revisited the feud that took over SmackDown Live last year and led to Owens being fired and moved over to Raw, hopefully, this time there is a different outcome and it’s Shane McMahon who is finally phased out.