Killer Kross Reportedly Came Up With His New WWE Name “Karrion Kross”

Killer Kross made his NXT debut last week by attacking Tommaso Ciampa during the final segment of the show but was nowhere to be seen this past Wednesday night. As usual, WWE continued to air the haunting, mysterious vignettes featuring Cross and his mystery lady partner, Scarlett Bordeaux.

Interestingly, WWE has changed the former Impact star’s name to Karrion Kross. The term “Killer” definitely does not match their TV-PG product and family-friendly presentation. However, there’s a reason why WWE went with “Karrion” and not just any other name.

Fightful Select reports that Karrion Kross was picked for some engaging reasons. In fact, the credit goes to Kross for coming up with his new name.

“We’re told the Karrion Kross name was Kross’ idea as opposed to WWE’s. “Carrion” is the decaying flesh of dead animals, so FYI, there ya go. There are also ties to Latin and Greek mythology and “Kharon” in the name. Kharon was the ferryman of Hades who carried the souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron. Kross also has a tattoo of “Kheiron” on his back.”

It is to be noted that Byron Saxton confirmed Scarlett Bordeaux as Kross’ mystery lady partner but referred to her as only Scarlett while discussing this week’s vignette on NXT.

Kross is apparently set to feud with Ciampa which is a clear indication of his big push right off the bat. Furthermore, Kross and Scarlett could be taking on Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae as well, now that NXT’s long-tenured couple has vowed to rule the brand and rebuild their respective divisions.

As reported months ago, Kross would be fast-tracked to the main roster, meaning he could be spending a year or even less in NXT. For what it’s worth, Royal Rumble 2021 would be the ideal stage for Kross to make his main roster debut by entering the high-profile multi-man as the hottest surprise entrant and thereby cementing his status for WrestleMania 37.