Kofi Kingston and Big E Set For Heel Turn, Reason Why Alexa Bliss Has Been Missing From WWE TV

Image via WWE

Xavier Woods suffered an Achilles injury last week at a house show in Australia, which left Big E and Kofi Kingston to perform on SmackDown Live on their own. The duo now heads into WWE Crown Jewel on Thursday night in the hopes of becoming “The Best Tag Team in the World” but when they return to American shores, WWE could have some interesting plans for the two remaining members of The New Day.

According to Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda, Kofi Kingston is set to go on to have something of a breakdown in the coming weeks before eventually turning heel.

WrestlingNews is also reporting that both Kingston and Big E are set to finally turn after Kingston’s shocking Championship loss wasn’t even addressed by WWE a few weeks ago and a loss in the Middle East could be the catalyst to help this turn take place.

Meanwhile, Tom Colohue also reports that the reason why Alexa Bliss hasn’t been seen since Hell in a Cell is that the company has allowed The Goddess to take a break. Bliss and Cross lost the Women’s Tag Team Championships to The Kabuki Warriors as part of the show on October 6th and hasn’t been seen since, even though she was recently drafted over to SmackDown.

Nikki Cross has instead been appearing without her Tag Team partner over the past few weeks since Colohue continues his report by stating that one of the reasons for allowing Bliss to take a break was so that the company could focus on bringing talent through in the Women’s Division.

Bliss obviously isn’t needed in storylines at present, which is why the former Women’s Champion has been granted a break. Interestingly, the news of her current break hasn’t been met with the same reaction as Sasha Banks’ hiatus which took place this year following WrestleMania.