Ladder Matches To Air Throughout WWE Money In The Bank, Huge Spot Booked For Pay-Per-View

WWE’s upcoming pay-per-view of 2020, Money In The Bank will take place this Sunday from the Global Headquarters in Stamford as well as the Performance Center in Orlando.

As previously reported, the pay-per-view will air both as a live and taped program. The career-altering ladder matches have already been taped amidst the coronavirus pandemic while the remaining matches are set to air live on May 10th.

On PW Insider Elite audio, Mike Johnson reported that the marquee ladder matches will be spaced out over the course of the pay-per-view. WWE will not be airing the ladder matches at once so as to keep fans hooked and entertained throughout the program.

“The concept I was told is it is going to kinda be like that episode of Impact where they had people brawling all over the place for the hour. It’s gonna start with ‘this is what’s happening at the Titan Tower’ and we’re gonna kinda see an overview of what’s going on there and then we’re gonna go back to the Performance Center and they’re gonna do scenes with picture-in-picture with scenes of what’s going on at Titan Tower while the real-life wrestling is going on live. We’re gonna go back and forth and see the journey of these wrestlers and how they fought and made it up the floors of the building over time.”

“It’s not gonna be like one segment of Money In The Bank and we’re done. They’re gonna use it like the lure to keep people entertained over the course of the broadcast.”

In order to ensure that the PPV is worth remembering, Vince McMahon has booked a huge spot (and likely a couple more) for the career-changing ladder matches.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Mr. McMahon had personally demonstrated a dangerous fall that’s part of the ladder match.

“There have been descriptions from people who were aware of the taping of Vince McMahon showing whoever was supposed to go off the top that they had set it up safely and he demonstrated it.”

With a dozen Superstars scrambling to unclip two briefcases hanging atop the roof of the WWE Headquarters, Money in the Bank 2020 will be a whole lot more than what the WWE Universe can possibly take in at once!