Lana Reportedly Getting a Babyface Push in WWE Soon

Lana received one of the biggest pushes of her life last year when WWE managed to produce a controversial storyline featuring her, Bobby Lashley, Rusev, and Liv Morgan.

The Ravishing Russian betrayed her real-life husband Rusev (now Miro) and started an affair with Lashley. Soon, WWE added Morgan to the mix as well.

As of now, WWE is featuring Lana regularly on live television. However, taking things into account, it doesn’t seem like the company is actually trying to utilize her as a wrestler.

Nia Jax has dropped her through the announcer table seven times so far and the tension will definitely rise between them at Survivor Series. But contrary to what fans believe, Meltzer thinks this isn’t the burial of Lana. Instead, it’s the beginning of her babyface push.

“I had Lana on the heel side because I thought she was a heel,” Meltzer said. “[They told me] no, no, no, she’s a babyface and she’s getting a real big push. In their minds, it’s a big push. In their minds, everytime they put her through a table, she’s getting more over.”

A source confirmed Meltzer’s claim to WrestlingNews and now, it seems like Lana is indeed getting a push soon.