Latest on COVID-19 Outbreak in WWE NXT

WWE’s recent COVID-19 outbreak in NXT is bad news for the company, especially at a time when mask policies have gotten relaxed backstage.

According to Jon Alba, several WWE employees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus but the exact number hasn’t been determined yet.

A coach at the Performance Center is believed to have accidentally spread the highly contagious and deadly virus.

As noted by Alba, the outbreak may have affected creative plans which is basically the last thing WWE wants during its ongoing rating war against AEW Dynamite.

Fightful further reports that several positive tests were reported during the week of September 9th, thus leading to “significant changes” to current NXT storylines.

Several Performance Center recruits who were training at a temporary training facility have tested positive for COVID-19. As always, WWE hasn’t released the names of those infected individuals.

While some “essential coaches” chose to stay, several classes for the recruits were canceled.

The belief is that WWE was well aware of the situation and started making preparations way ahead of time. This explains why the company waited until the last minute to announce the participants for the Gauntlet Eliminator.

“NXT creative had to be ‘conservative’ in some aspects of the shows as a result of this.”

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that some WWE employees are trying to deny the COVID-19 outbreak in NXT.

“Some people are saying that nothing happened, but there’s enough out there and at the show tonight people were talking about it and other people have been talking about it on the main roster, and the NXT roster so there’s something there.”

The most interesting fact is that the next TakeOver event is scheduled for October 4th and now that the novel coronavirus has hit NXT, it remains to be seen which Superstars show up at work leading up to the PPV.