Live Crowd For AEW to Return at TIAA Field?

As we reported earlier, WWE is looking to have fans in the audience again by September and it looks like AEW might be doing the same.

Wrestling Inc is reporting that AEW is close to having fans in the tapings for Dynamite and Dark. They are basing their report on announcements made by AEW lead investor Shahid Khan.

It has been announced that the NFL team the Jacksonville Jaguars, which is owned by Khan will be playing 9 games at the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. This venue is owned by the Khans and was used by AEW to tape the Stadium Stampede match between the Elite and the Inner Circle during the Double or Nothing pay-per-view back in May.

According to the most recent announcement by Khan, fans will be allowed to be in attendance at TIAA Bank Field for the Jacksonville Jaguar games with social distancing methods in place.

Fans in attendance will be required to wear masks and follow the social distancing guidelines of the CDC. In order to facilitate this, the venue will also not be filled to capacity.

Khan has said that they expect no more than 25% capacity for the venue which seats 71,000. That would mean around 16,791 fans could be accommodated by the venue for the Jaguar games.

Wrestling Inc. is implying that the same restrictions and precautions might be applicable for AEW if they should decide to tape or hold matches again at the TIAA Bank Field.

The Jaguars are set to have their first pre-season home game on August 29, with the season opener on September 13. If the venue will indeed be open for business again, that could be the time period that AEW might take advantage of to have a crowd at a taping in TIAA Bank Field.