Major Title Storyline In Plans For Monday Night RAW

Ever since Eddie Guerrero passed away years ago, WWE has been on the hunt for their next big Latin superstar. Rey Mysterio was positioned several times as the top guy, but he always ended up being the bridesmaid and never the bride.

Alberto Del Rio tried to emulate Eddie, but couldn’t do so for an extended period. WWE currently has two biggies on RAW from across the border, and are ready to push them as the next big thing in the company.

Andrade, who won the US title from Rey Mysterio recently, is still engrossed in a rivalry with the former WWE Champion, and according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

“the idea was for Andrade to have a longer very serious program over the title with Carrillo as a way to get both guys over as singles Latino stars.”

However, this rivalry isn’t the primary focus for WWE, as they quickly want to position the former NXT Champion against Humberto Carrillo for the US title. Carillo made his debut on the main roster post-draft last year and immediately received a push to the upper-mid card, facing off against the likes of AJ Styles and Seth Rollins.

Humberto Carillo and Andrade are immensely talented performers, and both have delivered in the ring from time-to-time. Carillo has suffered due to his lack of promo skills, which was the problem with Andrade too but was solved with the addition of Vega as his manager.

Carillo on his own is too vanilla to become a top star, and WWE must think about ways to handle the issue with his promo skills. WWE has two legit stars on their hands and must ensure they don’t go down the same path as the other Latin imports.