Many Top WWE Stars Reportedly Prefer Their Promos to Be Scripted

While the COVID-19 pandemic has hit WWE hard in recent months, it has also allowed many WWE stars to test out their promos when improvising because there was no audience to put them off.

While there are several famous former WWE stars who prefer to improvise their promos, it appears that there are many current stars who would prefer it to be scripted.

According to a report by Steve Carrier of Ringsidenews, the likes of The Miz, Sasha Banks, and Bayley all prefer for their promos to be scripted while The Street Profits work closely with their writer.

It appears that The Miz is also able to make his promos look improvised because he has that level of talent as an entertainer.

The report went on to state that even though The Street Profits seem as though they improvise much of their work, it isn’t as much as fans would think.