Maria Kanellis’ Pregnancy Storyline Update, Lesnar’s SmackDown Appearance

Image via WWE

In a storyline taken straight out of the Attitude Era has seen Maria Kanellis declare two men as the father of her unborn child already! Her husband Mike Kanellis had to face the wrath of both the men on RAW this week.

Maria first declared Ricochet to be the father of her child, leading to a match between Mike and Ricochet, which was won by Ricochet quite easily. Later, Maria announced a returning Rusev to be the father, who unleashed brutality on a helpless Mike Kanellis.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Rusev is not the father of the child in the storyline, and someone else will be revealed as the father quite soon. Rusev returning from his hiatus and wrecking Mike seemed to be the start of a new angle on RAW, but it seems like this is not the case.

Meltzer noted that this would be used a running joke rather a full-fledged storyline, which could mean new superstars destroying Mike Kanellis every week. It was also noted that the final reveal will take place to ensure rating boost.

Maria and Mike already have a daughter, who was born last year. Both the superstars have had a long career in wrestling, with appearances all around the world.

It was also reported that Brock Lesnar‘s appearance on SmackDown Live was due to Ronda Rousey‘s unavailability currently. FOX wanted Rousey to appear on Friday Nights, but her current break from WWE led to FOX settling for Lesnar instead.

“Fox will be very interesting, especially on a Friday night. You know, especially since Brock is gonna be on Fox. I don’t know if he’s gonna be permanent, but I sure took that [advertisement] as a sign.”

“When you think about logic Fox probably wants Brock and Ronda and there’s no Ronda and now the second best, or the first best depending on your point of view for that sports person and everything like that [is Lesnar].”

It would definitely be an interesting sight to see the Beast Incarnate perform on Friday nights.