Marty Scrull Could Be Leaving USA Soon

Marty Scrull and Ring of Honor parted ways recently, leaving a big question mark on the next destination for the Villain.

Scrull was accused of taking advantage of an inebriated sixteen-year-old girl during the Speaking Out movement in 2020.

Although Scrull did not deny the allegations, he clarified that it was consensual. The legal age in the UK is 16 which kept him out of trouble, but there are still investigations going on regarding this matter.

The UK star is currently without work in the USA, which could force him to leave the country, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The former Elite member has a house in Florida, but it could be a problem if he has to leave the country altogether.

Scrull was widely expected to follow his Elite buddies into All Elite Wrestling, but he instead re-signed with ROH, where he received tremendous creative control.