Matt Hardy Set To Take Over The Dark Order Soon?


Matt Hardy made his return to WWE last month, but his current run has been underwhelming so far. Hardy has a few weeks left on his WWE contract and his next destination is still a mystery for the fans.

Hardy is already producing Broken videos, which could be an indication of the widely popular Broken Matt character returning to action, but it won’t be in the WWE realm. Hardy is set to leave in March, following the expiry of his two-year contract plus an additional one year with WWE.

“Matt Hardy is expected to leave WWE in March. He produced new Broken videos and offered an idea for a “Free the Delete” series to lead to his return with the old character. But they weren’t interested. Hardy is the leading speculated name for the leader of the Dark Order since they just started teasing a leader and Hardy just started putting out the videos.”

WWE is apparently not interested in bringing back the Broken gimmick, which could a reason behind Hardy refusing to re-sign with the company. Hardy found tremendous success with his persona and could venture into different companies to present his gimmick.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hardy is a possible name for the leader of the Dark Order in AEW and could join the faction after his contract with WWE is up.

Matt Hardy’s time in TNA/Impact was praised heavily and he was the sole reason for the company raking viewership. Hardy’s experience will be mighty useful for All Elite Wrestling, and they will be able to get a renowned name to join the roster.

Jeff Hardy‘s contract is also ending in March, but WWE has apparently increased the length of the contract due to Jeff’s recurrent injuries. It is quite clear that Brother Nero won’t be joining Broken Matt anytime soon.