Matt Riddle Could Be Debuting on Friday Night SmackDown, Reason Behind His Main Roster Call-Up

After spending two years in NXT, Matt Riddle is finally on his way to the WWE main roster. While the WWE Universe is surprised by this huge development considering reports of the backstage heat Riddle has with the management, it appears that WWE had no other option other than calling him up due to obvious reasons.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that Riddle is among the most wanted names in the pro wrestling industry which easily makes The Original Bro capable of earning more money outside WWE. Even during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Riddle can easily land a huge contract with any rival promotion. And truth be told, WWE can never afford to see Riddle leaving for another company which pretty much explains why The Stallion is getting called up to the main roster.

“They had to bring him up though because he would have been able to go anywhere he wanted and there are companies — AEW is spending money for talent they want, New Japan when they get going you know they’ll be looking at new guys, and Ring Of Honor has spent money on key guys and [Riddle] would be — if [ROH] gonna spend money for Bandido they’ll certainly spend big money for Matt Riddle.”

“He had a lot more places where he could make a lot more money than in NXT — everywhere pretty much. So they had to bring him up. The reality is they had to bring him to the main roster…once he’s there that’s a totally different story.”

It remains to be seen how Riddle will be used on the main roster. The King Of Bros reportedly worked the WWE tapings this week and since he didn’t appear on RAW, there’s a good chance he will debut on SmackDown this Friday night on FOX.

“There’s a good chance that Matt Riddle will be on SmackDown on Friday because Matt Riddle was performing today and they taped SmackDown today for Friday.”