Matt Riddle vs Bobby Lashley Reportedly Set for Royal Rumble

WWE is known to shuffle around their plans for several storylines from time-to-time, and the same has transpired for one of the title feuds on Monday Night Raw.

Matt Riddle has been in a rivalry of sorts with the Hurt Business for quite some time, and a United States Championship Match against Bobby Lashley was expected to take place at TLC.

However, the match couldn’t find a place on the card, and will now take place at the Royal Rumble event, according to Wrestling Observer Newsletter

“The Lashley vs. Riddle U.S. title that’s been pushed at least during the middle of the week was slated for the Rumble, and not TLC, but everything changes every day.”

Riddle is a star in the making for WWE, with a new deal coming up for him, which is worth over a million. The Original Bro won’t upset the Almighty in the very first encounter, but it won’t be a surprise to see him hold the title soon.