Melina’s WWE Return Reportedly Delayed Due to Surgery

Recently, Jonny Fairplay appeared on PW Torch’s podcast. He talked about several things and also revealed WWE’s plans for Melina’s return.

“I hung out with Robbie E [Robert Stone] two weeks ago and he has no idea what he’s going to do. His plan was to bring in Melina and manage in NXT. She had to have surgery or something. They’re not using the guy.” 

Some time ago, PWInsider revealed that Melina has signed a new deal with WWE. Later, in a Facebook post, she claimed the reports to be false. Fairplay revealed that Robert Stone was supposed to manage Melina in NXT, but she had recently undergone surgery which prevented the plans to come into place.

The last time WWE fans saw her on television was during Raw Reunion which happened in July 2019. It’s unclear when Melina will return to WWE again.

She was also rumored to return earlier this year at Royal Rumble, but at that time, she was in an exclusive contract with NWA.

As of now, Robert Stone isn’t appearing on NXT. It seems like WWE is waiting for Melina to return and in the meantime, Stone has to rest on the sidelines.