Mercedes Martinez Could Already Be Out of RETRIBUTION

RETRIBUTION has been making headlines this week after it was revealed that Mustafa Ali was the leader of the team on Monday Night Raw.

Both Mercedes Martinez and Mia Yim were missing from Raw and this has now led to rumors that Martinez may no longer be part of the group.

While Mia Yim has already created a Twitter under her ‘Reckoning’ name, Mercedes Martinez is yet to do the same, while none of the other members of RETRIBUTION currently follow the former NXT star on social media.

The last piece of the puzzle came earlier today when new leader Mustafa Ali uploaded an update on his Twitter page regarding the reasons for RETRIBUTION’s invasion of WWE and included all members of the group except Martinez.

At present, there is no official update on the veteran’s WWE status, but since Yim has been included and not Martinez, it doesn’t look good.