Mickie James Reportedly Fine, Referee Botches the Finish of Women’s Championship Match on Raw

Many fans were shocked last night on Raw when Mickie James’ hopes of holding her first Women’s Championship in a decade were dashed when the referee called for the bell even though James hadn’t submitted.

It was later speculated that James had been hurt at the end of the match and the referee made the call to ensure that the former 6-time Women’s Champion wasn’t further injured, but this might not be the case.

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer recently noted on Twitter that James is actually fine and it was the referee’s error.

It appears that the referee saw that James had tweaked her shoulder and could have made the call himself, or heard James speak to Asuka and misunderstood.

Either way, James looked just as shocked as the WWE Universe when the decision was made and she lost the match.

It’s unclear what this loss means for James’ career moving forward.