More Details on How Fans are Instructed at WWE Thunderdome

WWE Thunderdome has been in place for almost half a year now, with virtual fans being the solution for WWE in absence of live audiences.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter detailed the experience of a fan inside the Thunderdome. Apparently, there are two coordinators and a host for the fans, with the co-ordinators instructing the fans when to cheer and boo.

It was also noted that WWE picks up the most animated fans and puts them in the front rows.

“They are really nice and helpful; 2) there is a host, who tells you who to boo and cheer, and interact with the matches; 3) the event coordinators help fans much more than the host does, by a landslide; 4) the main way to get to the front row is to be animated (moving hands, clapping, booing, cheering, etc)”

It is unclear when real audiences will return, but WWE is all set to go ahead with Wrestlemania in a few months with limited capacity inside the Raymond James Stadium.